Thursday, May 14, 2009

Magic Old Skol Fleeces on Dave , Al , Woody .......... the Legends and Allstars do the double again . played an extra game so loads game time .

Magic Ladies on bikes Jo and Lou !!! Lou great hands and pickups . Tom as committed as ever .
Champagne time , Woody put Alan in , after burners on sort of ........... fell over the line , could been more , stop running in front of the ball carrier !

Loving the onion rings

Cherie a new Magic player , Aussie and likes to win !!!Get her down the pub soon for a few beers . Jackie played well recovered from last week injury .Harro pulled up . Our new player Peter bags loads tries . Good break by Jo Barton and a top try too.Stallion was on great form .... breaking the line at will . Simon no tries but so many assits and chasing down in D .

No Chins Simon .......

Both Legends and Allstars are top of the table .......... GO MAGIC !!!!!!

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