Saturday, August 01, 2009

FREE BEER DOWN TEMPLE WALKABOUT FRIDAY 31ST JULY A NIGHT WITH THE STARS OF SPORT AND MODELING! A few shapes on the dance floor ,an all round good night had by all, special thanks to Elaine and Harro for showing up !
Peter the man that works at night only and Harro who only works when it is sunny .

OLD old old skol Players Simon and Dave the beard one ! Check red shirts are in from the fashion PR Guru Andrew aka Stallion and all round cool dude Tom .Whilst Neil and and Craig tuck into the the free crate of Speight !- New Zealand Beer !!! Glenn gets told by Dave how improve his touch rugby skills , Craig is not convinced !!! Naomi Campbell takes a shine to Neil and Craig ............. Harro just can't miss out on photo opportunity !
Toms shows his moves on the dance go Tom !!
We celebrate the arrival of MAGIC lady Elaine !!! Jerry Collins look alike.Simon flip flops in his hands so bear foot in the walkabout YUK ?

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