Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tough start to the season , with both mixed teams losing but the Matadors won ........... I even scored a try !!! WOODY got his magic birthday present. GO the green and gold beanie !
Thanks again to all the ladies and new players Megan/Cat/Jasmine/Yann/Jacob. I do understand playing the A grade is maybe not what you signed up for please come down again next week promise we will have a training run around and learning game. Not sure why the egg chasers were so aggressive but that's A grade touch. Wallyboks not surprised to see them over the try line and still pass the ball between themselves to give the try to certain player only to cock it up think a little arrogant somewhat but again A grade ! Was good to catch up with some of the social teams from last year in the pub.

Russ good game. Simon totally committed hope not to much headache after that fall. Dave good work not shouting at anyone keep it up. Woody never gave up , loads running. Daz mate forgot how good you are and our oldest player I think? Chico good cover runs in defence. Tom so focused in the mixed games super! We only lost 8-6 with a team with several new players lets all stick together for learning season........ hopefully the other teams will be more pleasant ?????

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