Thursday, August 19, 2010

MAGIC TOUCH Legends win AT LAST after five years of trying take the title 4-2 ! THE Legends team Simon,Catherine,Nina,Lou,Dave,Russ,Craig,Chico,Daz and Woody at last a winning skipper of the Legends !!!! Team took the lead with wrap pass from Lou to Woody who scored in the corner. Great defence from Chico who man marked the speedy cap man so much so that second half he passed rather than ran straight for the line! Went in 4-1 up second half was totally different , oppo scored really early on and then it was great D that kept them out very tense to watch but held on ........... to take a famous win 4-2 and the title . Daz played his first game of the season for the legends and showed he is still a class act !
MAGIC TOUCH ALLSTARS so close to victory we took the lead with a diving try in the corner by Trevor who took a knee in the
back of the head ! Late in the second half they scored and at full time it finished 1-1 so now the drop off which we did not understand to well .Got a bit of luck at the being as their quick guy over ran the try line and more players left pitch until it was just 3 players each we almost scored but then they got one in the corner and could not have been closer or more exciting for a neutral to watch ! No shame in defeat we played our hearts out.
Lou played well and the pass to Woody was weight perfectly, legendary set up. Dale come down to help and had a big impact as normal. Tom was out on his feet at the end and I think the most disappointed was Trevor after scoring our only try ! Russ all smiles the man which came up with the name magic after all ..........MAGIC IS BACK !!!! Well done everyone and thank you Dale and Daz for answering the call to come down really appreciated .BIG THANKS to everyone who played the move to Regents Park has been a success in lots aways.

END OF Season Party FRIDAY 3rd Sept at Temple Walkabout Legends to pick up winning trophy and Allstar's runners up !!!

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