Thursday, August 05, 2010

Magic Allstars and Legends remain undefeated so far this season ......... well done everyone !
For once Magic we are not the team in Green but a team called Genesis "Invisible Touch. It was a little strange and we even cheer when they scored ! Genesis seemed to agree the ref was really bad and it was a good game for Peter who's pace meant he scored twice from standing start. Andrew only got the one so Woody still a chance for the trophy.

Catherine the Welsh wizard is back and played really well !

Great to see Peter down again for a few tries and a beer not long before his baby is due only couple of months wet babys head soon !
Jacob and Simon always there for last orders ! Craig scored a great try and Simon shadowed him all the way but then tackled him not sure why but was funny to watch.
Was very slippy and was quite diffcult to stay upright we did well to draw with Highly skilled .......... 3-3 !!!

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