Saturday, January 01, 2011

LOOKING BACK AT 2011 ANOTHER MAGICAL YEAR .We moved from Surrey Quays to Regents Park.Legends won at last and Woody lead them superbly to victory .We several new players joined the magic team and really appreciate their efforts they all fitted in well. To make a final you need at least two ladies to show up and sometimes we only had the two for both games, thanks again for going that extra mile! We said goodbye to a few players and one of those was an MAGIC original of 2004,Michy a player who was and is just special, she will always be part of Magic folklore as she was true to values of being competitive on the pitch and always understood the importance of the social pint in the pub is a large part of what playing for MAGIC is about!

Thanks again to all those that played without you my Wednesdays would have been very dull from April to August !!! Really looking forward to playing with a lot you in 2011 hope you feel the same way ...

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