Sunday, May 27, 2012

 Loads Sunshine and laughes as well as win draw and playing the ulimately the winners ,thanks to those that made the effort Catherine,Ingrid,Dean,Lucie ,Lou ,EJ,Lucie ,Russ ,Craig,Jacob , Tom , Peter,Woody,Chico,Dave,Glenn
 Team circle and Craig takes it very seriously  

 Kate completed her swim in the Thames and still made it down for beers.
 Wow greart shirts lads player Players with 3 votes each Ingrid and Dean
Drinks penalties inceptions and try scoring ............

 Tourney was a success first game 3-3 and then Magic lost to a team that really demonstrated that touch is a team sport ............. we then went out and won the final game with a very good performance team. Only THEN had a semi final against the number 1 from the other division , Peter scored a awesome diving try ...... but the champions of the tournament in the end scored a few good tries but magic never gave up .............. Well done everyone .

MAGIC legend ......... skipper of the legends

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