Thursday, July 19, 2012

Very fiesty game almost as bad as Magic WORST in Surrey Quays

The young ones Ian , Sean and Duncan !!!  
Corinne,  is Number 70
Chico probably played his best game for over two years and he wanted to win so much he even dived for the try line .................. and scored !!!! Good to see the Stallion is back .
 Magic v Magic because oppo no show
Legends game was the second most fiesty game ever after the Mark Clapper squared up in Surrey Quays ! Legends oppo last night was warned twice about touches. Duncan got a slap in the face but keep his cool well done. Dean got sent off, this is only the second time anyone from Magic has been told to take a time out. Dave scored two tries really good tries. Dean came back on and showed what top bloke he is by scoring two awesome tries . Some hugly passionate performaces from Lucie , Duncan , Dale. Peter played well and as new skipper didn't try and do it all some great dump and run passes on 5 metre line. Corrine played really well. Katy , Catherine solid in defence. Thanks to everyone for coming down despite the weather ! Legends won by 3 tries which was a Margin that surprised everyone ! Well done those that came to the pub lots pub pts for el presidente cup.

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