Thursday, July 25, 2013

Magic Touch again did the double win however it was the style of win's that was outstanding this week !

All stars win again ......... go magic some great performances
 Bro love , Sean could not get the quick lad but James did for his Mate ...!
 Yes Justine got her first try well done she looked a little surprised as she put the ball down , but all smiles afterwards !!!
 LEGENDS won again , with some outstanding touch rugby played , Trevor straight running at pace , Dale and Glenn scoring with the help of big shout from Duncan
 Clare initially out of sorts but showed some classy play during the game . Chico  showed his pace and scored a couple of tries running a great line . Glenn was well up for it in both games.
 New numbers 27,30,24,25
 Happy team mates.
Sean with his shirt on at last !!
I have picked out few of my favourite moments.

 Duncan big shout and the 5 metre out tries made me smile as we have struggled in past to convert when we get into the red zone go Dale and Glenn.Trevor running hard and straight ,leading the charge well done.
Ian you nailing the legends spot with performances like that.Chico arching lines of running and doing some great cover defending. Manley the provider on so many occasions, if only you got a prize for assists. Clare, Terri, Erica, Laura , Mirela, Justine, Katy excellent work getting involved in middle of the field letting the lads run those lines.
Last in the pub
oh dear ............ chico injured again !!!
El Presidente a very pleased to see the green machine produces such a great display of passion and commitment !!

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