Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Semi Final time Skipper Allstars Craig Legends Catherine

Legends lost 9-2 and Allstars lost to a team full of ringers 4-1 such shame they didn't mention at the start of the game !!!!!!!!!

Legends finished the season in 3rd place before semi finals Legends @ 6.20: Catherine (captain returns!), Mirela, Ingrid, Erica, (Katy sub if needed), Dave Manley, Duncan, Dale, Ian, Craig, Trevor. Subs: Sean, Peter (if available) All Stars top of the league! All stars @ 7.40: Katy, Laura, Claire, Terri, Justine (if available), Craig (captain), Sean, Cathal, Dave McD, James, Jacob (if available). Subs: Dale, Ian (if Jacob not available)

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