Monday, October 21, 2013

Magic Mavericks are top of the table !!!!

Try scorers as follows; Trevor - 4. Matt - 3. Will - 2 and Laura 1! Overall we were very good in attack. A lot of movement and always people available to take the ball. We could have scored about 3 or 4 more. twice we were pinged for forward passes that Sam on the sideline watching said were def not. Both those led to tries which were disallowed. Craig missed the sitters of all sitters. Totally in the clear, nice gentle pass to him and he drops it 5 yards from the line. He did have 4 assists though so still a top effort.Defensively we were good but tailed off a bit 2nd half. Tiredness kicked in plus a Chillis ringer for them. Very soft ground made it difficult for everyone and tough on the legs.Matt was man of the match. A great start with a hat-trick. Front row we have new players Aled, Carol, Matt and Will.

Action shot Matt to Katie .............  !
Tries table so far Trevor 8 , Matt 3 , Will 2 and Laura 1

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