Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Magic Old Skol v Magic New Skol score finished 4-4

 El Presidente , Russ , Terence ,Michy ,Lou , Dave ,Chico ,Craig, Abri , Matt, Trevor ,Elvis , Katy ,Glenn, Catherine , Jacob , Woody (holding the cup), Laura , Dave , Justine    
 Magic number 9's hanging out both play with a passion  

 Legends having a chat Michy and Woody

 Chico scored a try for the Old Skool as did Abri

Old Skool  with several players from the original MAGIC TOUCH win in 2005 players Michy , Lou , Catherine ,Woody , Katy , El Presidente , Russ , Elvis ,Dave , Chico , Terence, Abri , Glenn !!!

New Skool players Trevor , Justine , Craig , Clare ,Matt , Laura ,Katy, Jacob , Dave  
 Action shot
 Who's Knees are these ??? 
 Well it could be Chico he has played as 21 , 78 and other number ?  
 Terence really did look quicker than when he retired
 Woody Team talk something we have missed
 Even made himself laugh
 Number 7 and 6 old skool shirts
 Even Amy Rose got in on this photo
 Abri chief finance man of Magic loved the new top 
 Spot the Irish man
 El presidente  cup winner from the late summer league Laura B in new Magic top !!
Now that's a scary front row almost lionise in Nature

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