Thursday, May 01, 2014

Magic on the pitch 2014 - Grading for the Matadors , Allstars and Legends

      Magic Matadors loss 6-4 but was against the finaliest of mens league last year so no shame in that
               Allstars drew both grading games, great in defence and all smiles , great vibe.  
 Legends Won both games and showed some real class in the first game however second game needed to get back basics less champagne touch rugby the driving ball ..................... 
                                 Injured Tom 79 , but still played on ................ tough lad
                                             Training by the Allstars was good to see
                                           Team talk from the Skipper of the Legends Glenn  
Catherine got a try in grading game as normal , was good hear the cheering from the sidelines

                            Cathal new boots ........... he is a wheeler deal got me after 5 pints !!!
 Loads Magic Pubs points for the above players and we can't believe Matt left early

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