Thursday, May 08, 2014

Magic Touch Matadors win 4-2 and Magic Touch Legends smash the oppo 12-3 !!!

Magic Allstars lost 4-5 in friendly but it was game that Luke scored a great try as did Karly.    

Craig played for the oppo .......
Dean on the wing
                                                                      New boots
                                                                 Wow look at the clouds
                                                                      Luke scores his try !!!

Tom wearing his Union Jack with pride , played well and scored a cracker of try in the mens game , Dave Mc is back with ring on his finger and Thailand Tan !!!

                                                        Now that is a look for Dubai
                                                    Will looking mean and moody , Sean scored 4 and Luke 1

Terri very happy with New RED magic red Hoody won for best new player Craig Bell    
Clare with Canterbury waterproof as will be best Magic supporter ever, we want to see her on the pitch 

                                                                Magic Hoodies on !
He is off to Saudi in few weeks bit of change to Oxford !!!

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