Thursday, August 16, 2012

Magic lost both Semi Finals

Huge apologises for not making it down the pub was not feeling at all well and I believe it is first time I have not attended post game beers all year?

Summer season are always tough as players are away and we lost several magic stalwarts in Simon and Woody but thanks to old skol players and new players who showed up week in week out.
We some how ended up in A and B league for the summer which again meant we were always up against it but we lost to fitter but not necessarilyly better teams in our semi finals.
Thanks to all those that made down , paid subs and had a beer over the spring/summer with me in the pub.

The finals on the weekend don't really work for Magic in so many ways and it is shame in2touch change the setup this year.
Hoping that we can get enough players out for friendly magic v magic 22nd August.
We can then go to pub for awarding of the legendary top try scorer, player players for summer and el president cup ! Plus random spot prizes. Plus Tom might be down to celebrate the birth of his daughter. See some Sunday as we we still might be in final after all and maybe a few on 22nd August. Cheers Alan
Peter ,Katy ,Catherine ,Nina , Dave,Woody, Jacob ,Russ Duncan , Ingrid,Laura,Dale, Lucie , Trevor ,Ian    

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