Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiny squad but we gave it our all

Magic played a combined blindside team made up of the two teams that beat us in A league so they had about 14 players verus our 8 and we were lucky that Amy helped out we lost 10-0 but played far better in the second half , despite the heat and having me play for Legends is never really going to help ! 
 At least we won a trophy and the Allstars won 7-2 in they final game of the season with Dean getting few tries and Catherine just so close to scoring 10 out 10 for the full length dive to score but ball bounced free  .............. such shame .
We still got runners up trophy and a £50 voucher for the walkbaout !!!

Pints of white wine spritzer well deserved
Small squad of Magic players but it was good to finish on a win loads game time and smiles , but I beat a few sore legs the next day ............. everyone who made the effort to play thanks and you made me proud to be el presidente !!

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